LifeGift Recovers Brain for Autism Research Study  |  March 10, 2016

LifeGift LogoLifeGift, the organ and tissue recovery agency serving Southeast, North and West Texas, today announced it recovered its first brain to advance Autism research.

The organization is partnering with the National Disease Research Interchange to recover donor brains to help researchers at the University of Maryland’s Brain and Tissue Bank explore the behavioral causes associated with Autism, a complex disorder of brain development, that according to Autism Speaks, affects one out of 68 births in the United States.

“We are thankful to the donor and donor family for this precious gift that will help researchers continue to shed light on the different facets of this disorder and potentially bring hope to the many people impacted by autism,” said Brian Roe, senior managing director of tissue services and communication center operations. “LifeGift is privileged to be among the nine organ and tissue recovery agencies participating in this project, which has the potential to change medical history.”

Read more about this partnership here.

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