Innovative Cartilage Allograft Helps Inspire New Possibilities for Recipient  |  August 5, 2015

Ashley PhotoFor Ashley, a certified nursing assistant, being active is a crucial part of her busy job. After two four-wheeling accidents and two subsequent knee surgeries, she hoped she could get back to normal. However, a constant, nagging knee pain landed her back in the doctor’s office and on the receiving end of medical care.

The pain obviously made my job difficult, because I’m always running around and on my feet,” said Ashley. “By the end of the day, the pain was exhausting.”

The cartilage under her knee cap had degenerated and it became clear that Ashley’s best option was surgery. After talking with her surgeon, Dr. Vishal Mehta, she learned about ProChondrix™, a new cartilage product.

AlloSource’s ProChondrix is a fresh osteochondral allograft that helps deliver the necessary components for cartilage restoration.  This next generation of cartilage therapy provides live cells and other biological components, which are necessary for repair and regeneration of damaged cartilage tissues.

Being in the medical field, I was curious. I trusted Dr. Mehta and knew if he was confident in using the product, I was confident too.”

Dr. Mehta is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and was involved with the development of ProChondrix.

 “Ashley came to me with knee pain that was destroying her life,” said Dr. Mehta. “She couldn’t work, ride a bike and really just was not enjoying herself any more. She was at the end of her rope and looking for options. We had a long discussion about cartilage restoration and breakthroughs on the horizon. I thought she was a good candidate for ProChondrix and so did Ashley.

Ashley underwent surgery in December of 2014 and is recovering very well. Though she originally planned on being out of work for 12 weeks, she was able to return after eight weeks. She also started biking and has lost 30 pounds since her surgery.

She now has her life back,” said Dr. Mehta. “It is the ability to help patients like Ashley that makes my job so special and I am ecstatic that we have new options like ProChondrix to help the patients who put their trust in us.”

Since the cartilage allograft is derived from a deceased human donor, Ashley is grateful for the generosity of the person who helped make it possible for her to heal.

I’ve always been a donor since I knew it could possibly save someone’s life,” said Ashley. “I’m even more glad I’m a donor now, knowing that I could impact people in more ways than I ever knew through procedures like mine.”

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