Honoring Donors in National Donate Life Month: Gary Wall  |  April 13, 2015

Gary_Wall origGary Wall was healthy, active and always lived life to the fullest. To know Gary was to know a smile because he had such a great sense of humor. The proud father of 18-year-old twins absolutely loved life. When he died suddenly from an aneurysm at the age of 69, his family and friends were devastated.

But in the midst of their heartbreak, they knew Gary would want to help others and they consented to donation. Gary was a musculoskeletal tissue donor who helped heal up to 50 people and he gave life to three people as an organ donor.

“As I’m losing the person I most cherish, I found the gift of peace in knowing that my husband’s gift will give life to others,” said Gary’s wife, Maureen. “This is absolutely the only thing that has given me any comfort in this tragic loss. I want to thank you for giving my wonderful husband a final way to give to others.”

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