Tissue Recipient Now Helps Provide Allografts for Patients  |  January 22, 2015

IMG_0086Thirteen years ago, Wendy experienced a medical nightmare. After back surgery, she contracted a rare staph infection that spread into several spinal discs. She was unable to walk and spent months in the hospital on intravenous antibiotics until she underwent a life-saving procedure.

Doctors performed a four-level discectomy to remove the infected bone and tissue to prevent the infection from spreading to her spinal cord. Wendy’s doctors used allograft bone and tissue in the procedure, which was a success.

“I’m proud to say I made a 100-percent recovery and returned to work full-time five months following that surgery,” said Wendy.

With her background in the medical field, Wendy now distributes allografts for patients in need. Her personal connection inspires her every day as she helps honor the gift of tissue donation.

“I lead an amazing life. I am able to travel, dive with great white sharks, ride a motorcycle across different continents and play sports. I am so grateful to my donor and so pleased that I’m able to help donated tissue get to patients.”

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