Infant’s Legacy Lives on Through Donation Awareness  |  September 29, 2014

When expectant parents Eric and Bethany received the devastating news that their son was diagnosed with anencephaly, a rare and fatal birth defect that causes death in utero or shortly after birth, they were determined to make their son’s short life as full as possible.

Even though they faced some hurdles in the process, Amalya, their son, was able to be a donor. This experience led Eric and Bethany to start Purposeful Gift, a site dedicated to promoting organ, tissue and whole body donation for expectant families who have received a terminal diagnosis.

In addition to resources for families and other donor stories, Purposeful Gift also features a blog. In a post on Amalya’s second birthday, Bethany wrote:

Although your daddy and I have greatly missed watching you grow over the past two years, and it is heartbreaking not being able to see you as a two year old reaching new milestones, I must say it has been incredible to watch as your legacy grow by leaps and bounds and learn about new milestones medicine has reached because of you.”

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