Grant Recipient Using Education to Research Burn Prevention and Support  |  September 9, 2014

In 2013, AlloSource began a 10-year partnership with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, pledging an annual financial contribution to fund their scholarship program. For more than 35 years, the Phoenix Society has worked with survivors, families, healthcare professionals and the fire industry to support recovery from burns, improve the quality of burn care and prevent burn injuries. Here is the story of a 2014 Education Grant Recipient.

2 - Bane, Marissa - Photo

Overcoming the adversity of a burn injury inspired Marissa to dedicate her education to supporting burn awareness and prevention around the world.

While I am thankful for the incredible burn center at UNC Hospitals that served me so well, I know that many other burn victims do not have access to similar treatment,” she said. “Having spent six summers volunteering abroad in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, I have seen this reality firsthand.”

Marissa spends time working as a SOAR Mentor at UNC Hospitals, where she visits and builds relationships with current burn patients. After recovering from burns caused by a severe kitchen accident, she has shared their pain and uncertainties.

I have realized that a person’s health and healing go far deeper than just their condition or diagnosis, and that hope and support is critical,” Marissa said.

She spent the past summer volunteering with the burn unit at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Malawi. Marissa interviewed over 70 patients for her research into the challenges low-income countries face regarding burn prevention strategies.

Marissa’s pursuit of a degree in Health Policy and Management will help her expand her research on health disparities. She also hopes to facilitate relationships between advanced and developing burn clinics to help provide resources and training for clinics that need it.

Throughout my life, I have chosen to allow adversity to be a catalyst for personal growth instead of a force that defeats me. While being burned has brought unimaginable pain and countless other challenges, it has been a life-changing experience and I am a stronger, more compassionate person because of it.”

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