Face Transplant Recipient Featured on GQ Magazine Cover  |  July 30, 2014

Photo courtesy of GQ

Photo courtesy of GQ

Richard Norris’ incredible journey from recluse to GQ Magazine cover model has lasted almost 20 years. Thanks to a revolutionary face transplant, Norris has returned to a somewhat normal life and shared his story with GQ.

After a shotgun accident in 1997 left his face disfigured, Norris avoided going out in public for fear of the reactions to his face. Several operations could not remedy all of the damage, and it became clear that a drastic solution was his only hope.

In 2012, Norris underwent the most extensive face transplant surgery ever performed. 150 doctors and nurses at the University of Maryland Medical Center assisted with the 36-hour-long surgery. Norris knew the surgery carried only a 50% chance of survival, but he was willing to take the risk.

Read more about Richard Norris here.

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