Tissue Recipient and Fire Chief Shares Recovery Update  |  June 5, 2014

me 2 (2)Visitors to this site may know John’s story, the fire chief who received a bone allograft during spinal surgery. John completed intense physical therapy and personal training so he could get back to fighting fires and enjoying an active lifestyle.

No stranger to extreme physical challenges, John completed a rigorous obstacle race last week – he traversed 3.38 miles through 13 obstacles. The obstacles ranged from completing an agility run through 100 tires, jumping over fences and pommel horses, running through lagoons and ponds, crawling through deep sand over four hills, to swimming through muddy water. He finished second in his heat and though he was completely exhausted, he was very proud that he completed the race.

John knows he has come a long way in his recovery and doesn’t believe he could have completed such a grueling course a year ago. Even though he just finished a demanding race, he’s already preparing for a 5k this upcoming weekend. John’s commitment to fitness is one of the ways he honors the donor who helped him return to the activities he loves.

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