Organ Procurement Organizations Work to Streamline Process  |  March 27, 2014

Four organ procurement organizations, Donor Alliance (Denver), Mid-America Transplant Services (St. Louis), Gift of Life (Ann Arbor), and the Center for Organ Recovery and Education (Pittsburgh), have opened separate recovery centers to increase efficiency and lower the cost of the complex donation process.

Staff members from the organ procurement organization (OPO) will transport the donor to the OPO’s surgical suite to perform the organ recovery, as opposed to waiting for an available operating room at a hospital. A separate recovery center frees up hospital space and personnel for emergencies and critical care.

Surgeons travel to the recovery center to recover the organs and then take them to transplant hospitals for placement. Mid-America Transplant Services reports that processing a donor at their own facility costs between 45% and 50% less than using the donor hospital.

The new recovery centers allow donor families to start the funeral process earlier and several OPOs offer donor family waiting rooms so families can be with their loved one longer.

Read more about this innovative way to honor the gift of donation here.

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