AlloSource Donates Tissue for Pediatric Surgeries in India  |  March 4, 2014

AlloSource announced the donation of bone allografts to surgeons from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center who traveled to India to perform free surgeries for children afflicted with spine and upper extremity deformities.

The lives of 27 children were greatly improved thanks to a medical team from the Pediatric Orthopaedic Department at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The team traveled to Ahmedabad, India for the second year in a row to offer crucial surgeries at no cost to the patients.

AlloSource donated the bone grafts used in the operations on six children with complex spine deformities. The medical team also operated on 21 children with upper extremity deformities. Without surgery, the children with spinal deformities faced potential paralysis. Local surgeons were unable to treat the children due to the complicated nature of their conditions and the high cost associated with the surgeries.

“Because of the hard work of the surgeons, donated tissue made a huge difference in the lives of these children,” said Thomas Cycyota, President and CEO of AlloSource. “We are proud to have provided the bone grafts used in these procedures and we admire the dedication of the team from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.”

The Polio Foundation, a non-profit charity hospital in Ahmedabad, provided assistance during the spine surgeries, which lasted an average of six to eight hours each. Local surgeons and anesthesiologists were on hand to assist with the procedures.

The medical team from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center plans to continue their annual mission trips and provide much-needed, advanced medical care for pediatric patients in identified areas of need in India.

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