Grieving Mother Offers Hope to Transplant Recipient  |  December 20, 2013

When she was twelve weeks pregnant, Sarah Gray and her husband Ross were surprised and excited to learn they would be having twins. Their excitement was fleeting when the couple received the devastating news that one of their twins had anencephaly, a lethal condition meaning the baby was missing a large part of his brain and skull. Sarah and Ross faced the heartbreaking reality of simultaneously preparing for Callum’s birth and Thomas’s death.

Sarah and her husband donated Thomas’s organs to research, and that decision led her down a life-changing path. While on a business trip in Boston, Sarah, who works for the America Association of Tissue Banks, decided to go to the Schepens Eye Research Institute at Harvard and meet the researcher studying her son’s eyes, Dr. James Zieske.

On the same day Sarah came to visit, Dr. Zieske learned he would be put on dialysis after having 10 years of kidney problems. Sarah decided that the researcher who received the donation of her son’s eyes would receive another donation, but this time it would be her kidney.

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