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Mid-America Transplant Services recently unveiled The Family House, which offers affordable housing for pre- and post-transplant families needing to relocate to St. Louis to be closer to the transplant center hospital. The company leased 10 single-family apartments near the hospital and will provide the fully-furnished units to patients at a discount. The Family House provides […]

Fallen New York Trooper to be Honored in 2014 Rose Parade  |  12.23.13

Kevin Dobson served as a trooper with the New York State Police for 14 years when he was killed during a routine traffic stop in 2011. His dedication to his community lives on through his gift of organ and tissue donation. His donations will be honored with a memorial floragraph portrait featured on the Donate […]

Grieving Mother Offers Hope to Transplant Recipient  |  12.20.13

When she was twelve weeks pregnant, Sarah Gray and her husband Ross were surprised and excited to learn they would be having twins. Their excitement was fleeting when the couple received the devastating news that one of their twins had anencephaly, a lethal condition meaning the baby was missing a large part of his brain […]

Young Boy Receives Life-Saving Transplants  |  12.18.13

This moving story of a young heart and lung recipient highlights the wonderful work by our partners on the organ side of donation. Seven-year-old Weston Keeton battled heart disease and pulmonary hypertension for most of his life and as a result, spent almost three years living in a hospital. Doctors told his parents that Weston’s […]

Have the Donation Conversation with Your Family  |  12.11.13

While gathering with friends and family this holiday season, consider taking the time to discuss the ultimate gift: organ and tissue donation. In addition to registering with your state, it is important to talk with your family about organ and tissue donation. Having the donation conversation with your family is an opportunity for you to […]

Young Athlete Returns to Sports After Bone and Cartilage Transplant  |  12.09.13

Erica was 14 years old when she began experiencing knee pain, which the family believed to be a result of a recurring sports-related injury. After three weeks of pain with no improvement, Erica’s mother, Angie, decided to have her visit the Rocky Mountain Youth Sports Medicine Institute for an exam. Angie was convinced that Erica […]

AlloSource Granted Sixth Patent for AlloTrue, a Proprietary Tissue Cleaning and Disinfecting Process  |  12.06.13

There is no question safety and quality are of the utmost importance in tissue transplantation.  That is why companies like AlloSource, one of the nation’s largest and most respected tissue banks, are always progressing technology in these two areas.  The company was recently awarded an additional patent for AlloTrue, its innovative tissue cleaning and disinfecting […]

Donate Life Float to Honor 81 Donors in Flowers  |  12.03.13

There are many creative ways in which organizations are spreading the word about organ, eye and tissue donation, but none more than the Donate Life Float, which will appear in the Rose Parade®  on Janaury 1, 2014. This year, memorial “floragraph” portraits, made completely of flowers, will honor the living legacies of 81 organ, eye […]

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