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Colorado Human Tissue Bank Celebrates the Opening of New Onsite Employee Health Clinic  |  10.28.13

AlloSource, one of the nation’s largest and most respected tissue banks, is making tremendous strides in reducing costs and increasing the accessibility of healthcare for its employees. Amidst a nationwide discussion about how companies and individuals can access affordable healthcare, Allosource is taking the bold step of opening an onsite clinic to offer more efficient, affordable […]


In January 2007, a workday just like any other turned life changing when David Jenkins had an on-the-job accident. “We were pumping under high pressure and a four foot piece of iron broke free, and took my legs out. I was hit below the knee on both legs,” said David, who worked as an operator […]

Professor Howard Green: Pushing the boundaries of regenerative medicine since 1983  |  10.23.13

Harvard Medical School professor Howard Green is an innovator and pioneer. In 1983, he changed the culture and direction of burn treatment and skin transplantation and has since, positively affected countless people’s lives. Professor Green was able to harness the power of stem cells and developed the first therapeutic use of cells grown in a […]

Touching Letter to Donor Family  |  10.15.13

We encourage you to read this touching letter from a Columbine shooting victim who required transplanted tissue to recover from her injuries. Years later, she wrote this note for her donor’s family. Kacey’s story is a terrific reminder of the possibilities of tissue donation and transplantation. Dear Donor Family, Although I do not know your […]

Vote Joey Gase as your favorite NASCAR driver!  |  10.11.13

Allograft Possibilities covered Nascar Driver, Joey Gase’s incredible story and efforts to inspire people everywhere to register as an organ and tissue donor. Joey has driven the Donate Life car most of this season and has had great success. Now Joey is in the running to be named NASCAR’s most popular driver and needs your […]


AlloSource, a tissue bank in Colorado, and Humacyte, a regenerative medicine business from North Carolina, have partnered to create bioengineered blood vessels. The blood vessels are being developed to provide vascular access for dialysis in End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients. This exciting technology could have the potential to help reduce or avoid surgical interventions and […]

Ovarian tissue transplant acts as Stork for Australian Couple  |  10.02.13

Congratulations are in order for Vali, an Australian woman, who is pregnant after growing new eggs in ovarian tissue transplanted into her abdomen. Vali and her husband had nearly given up on having children after believing she was infertile as a result of ovarian cancer treatment. In an exciting twist, Vali is 26 weeks pregnant […]

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