Digital Inspiration: GiveForward Helps Individuals Raise Funds for Medical Expenses  |  September 27, 2013

GiveForwardOne side of the transplantation story that we don’t frequently tell is the expense that many recipients must confront. While organs and tissues are gifts of life, the hospital visits, surgeries, rehabilitation, and more can add up quickly. For that reason were pleased to discover¬†GiveForward, an online fundraising website for medical expenses.

GiveForward is a digital platform designed for individuals and groups to share stories and video testimony with an engaged and caring audience from around the world. The website is a simple and no-cost tool to help raise money for a loved one in need.

Since August of 2008, GiveForward has helped thousands of people raise millions of dollars online for transplants as well as general medical expenses, cancer treatment, funeral costs and disaster relief. The GiveForward team is committed to helping users bring their fundraising plans to o life and supporting them throughout the fundraising experience.

What an inspiring utilization of social media and digital trends for the benefit of transplant recipients and other patients in need.

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