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Digital Inspiration: GiveForward Helps Individuals Raise Funds for Medical Expenses  |  09.27.13

One side of the transplantation story that we don’t frequently tell is the expense that many recipients must confront. While organs and tissues are gifts of life, the hospital visits, surgeries, rehabilitation, and more can add up quickly. For that reason were pleased to discover GiveForward, an online fundraising website for medical expenses. GiveForward is a […]

Volunteer Firefighter Lt. Arlie Hill: Hero, Friend and Tissue Recipient  |  09.26.13

Volunteer firefighter Lt. Arlie Hill demonstrated the gold standard of heroism when he rushed into a burning home in hopes of saving the life of a child last month. Hill, fondly nicknamed “Pooh”, suffered second and third degree burns covering his chest and most of the rest of his body in the incident. Lt. Hill […]


This year St. Anthony Hospital, Littleton Adventist Hospital, Exempla Lutheran Medical Center, Parkview Medical Center and Rose Medical Center were recognized with Ending the Wait awards for their outstanding efforts in promoting organ and tissue donation in Colorado. The Ending the Wait awards are presented annually by Donor Alliance, the organ procurement organization serving Colorado and most of Wyoming, and […]

VideoDonor: Encouraging a social donation conversation  |  09.13.13

We were pleased to find VideoDonor, a video-sharing social media website designed to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation through the viewing and sharing of user-uploaded content. The site features the stories of real people’s experiences with donation and transplantation. Considering that a new study published by the American Journal of Transplantation found that social media initiatives […]

AlloSource Featured in CompanyWeek  |  09.12.13

AlloSource is one of the largest and most respected human tissue banks in the country and was recently acknowledged by CompanyWeek as “the most unique manufacturer in the region.” AlloSource collects and processes a wide variety of human tissue from donors to be distributed to the medical community around the country to help injured and […]

One medicine – how veterinary treatment can impact humans  |  09.06.13

We were fascinated by this video of veterinary Dr. Nichole Erhart  discussing “translational medicine,” or how research and medicine used to treat animals can translate into treatments for humans who have the same diseases, like cancer. In Colorado, the Limb Preservation Foundation works with the Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University to advance the science of limb preservation […]

New AlloSource Website Goes Live  |  09.05.13

AlloSource, one of the nation’s largest and most respected tissue banks, today launched a newly redesigned website. The site is a fresh digital footprint reflecting the innovation the company contributes to the transplant community. The overhauled was designed to offer a more user-friendly and thoughtful website that engages customers, medical professionals, donors, recipients and community members. AlloSource […]

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