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“In researching my diagnosis I discovered the cause of a Morton’s neuroma is typically from wearing the wrong shoes all my life; the real culprit is high heels that restrict the toes,” said Gretchen.

Over the past 10 years Gretchen visited several podiatrists complaining of a sharp pain in the ball of her right foot, a pain most closely resembling an electric shock. The discomfort had become a persistent and constant presence in her life, no matter what shoes she was wearing, so she consulted podiatrist and surgeon, Dr. Alan Ng.

“I had an MRI, which revealed not one but two Morton’s neuromas in my right foot.  The larger one was between the second and third toes and a smaller one between my third and fourth toes,” said Gretchen.

Upon review of the MRI, Dr. Ng recommended surgical removal of the neuromas, one procedure at a time, due to an underlying circulation condition that could have caused further complications for Gretchen. His plan was to remove the larger neuroma first and then wrap the end of the nerve with AlloWrap® DS, an allograft made from the lining of a human amniotic sac, which can be donated following cesarean-section births.

For Gretchen’s full story, including here recovery, READ: Gretchen – Amnion Tissue


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