Mending Broken Hearts: Doris Taylor’s Innovative Research Growing Organs Through Tissue Engineering  |  August 1, 2013

A recently published article in Nature, explores Doris Taylor’s groundbreaking research at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston making customizable, bio-engineered human hearts.

Taylor’s research is boundary pushing, shocking and exciting. She regularly harvests organs such as hearts and lungs from the newly dead, re-engineers them starting from the cells and attempts to bring them back to life in the hope that they might beat or breathe again in the living.

With the number of people in need of heart transplants growing every day, researchers believe engineered organs are the solution. Besides increasing the supply of transplantable hearts, the lab-grown organs can reduce the risk of rejection by the recipient’s immune system during the transplantation process.

Taylor’s research is fascinating, and the process is beset with tremendous challenges, but the benefits for the organ donation and transplant industry will be tremendous.

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