No…Thank YOU!  |  June 21, 2013

In the donation industry, we are always looking for opportunities to thank the donors and their families. The language below from donor father, Jay Landers, is a great reminder of the role organ and tissue donation play in a donor family’s healing process, as well as how many people can be impacted by one donor.  Ryan, pictured here, was killed in a car accident in April 2007 at age 19.

“While his overall number of recipients remains at 61, there were 4 individuals who received more than one tissue item, particularly the young man in Minnesota who needed 5 skin grafts.  So, 6 organs and tissue to 61 people, 12 states and Korea…youngest 4 months and eldest age 87. Ryan’s legacy is complete.  Thanks so much to AlloSource for making that happen!”

No…thank you, Jay.  Ryan’s and your family’s decision to donate saved and enhanced the lives of 67 people.  You are an inspiration.

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