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Friday Factoid: Donate Life Month Edition  |  04.26.13

Friday Factoid: For this Friday Factoid, we’re combining Donate Life Month information and some straight facts. National Donate Life Month (NDLM) was instituted by Donate Life America and its partnering organizations in 2003 with the support of then Secretary of HHS, Tommy Thompson. Celebrated in April each year, NDLM features an entire month of local, […]

Tissue Recipient Shares Story  |  04.25.13

One year ago, Joseph Gutierrez was unsure if he would ever be an active individual again. Thanks to a gift from a generous donor, Joe is not only physically active, but also active in spreading the word about organ and tissue donation. For Donate Life Month, Joe took to the local news station to tell […]

Donation Heals Wounds  |  04.24.13

Donation is truly a gift.  The many ways a single donor can save and enhance the lives of others becomes vaster as science advances.  One way that donors of any age, shape or size can heal others is through donating skin.  Skin serves a wide variety of healing purposes.  In the article linked below, we […]

Colorado, Join us tomorrow at the Hard Rock Cafe!  |  04.18.13

If you live in Colorado, join us tomorrow!! Join Donate Life Advocates at the Hard Rock Café  (500 16th St #120 Denver, CO 80202) from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and receive 20% off your purchase by showing the heart on your license or wearing blue & green!  You can even register to win a free Ipad2 and other prizes.  […]

Schneider Family Finds Purpose After Unthinkable Tragedy  |  04.18.13

Just weeks away from the birth of their son, Ryan, Mike and Siobhan Schneider were forced to face sobering news: Ryan had a genetic disorder affecting his kidneys and would not survive long after birth. The news was devastating and sent the couple on a quest to learn all they could about Ryan’s condition. Internet […]

Events Near You!  |  04.12.13

Instead of Friday Factoids for Donate Life Month, we’re switching it up. We’d like to take this month to announce Donate Life activates going on in your area. If you’re in the Chicago are, check this out, and stay tuned for events near you!

Meet the 10-Year-Old Boy Who Saved Five Lives  |  04.11.13

After hearing that their son was brain dead, the Brockway’s focus turned from their own suffering, to the suffering families their son could help. In their grief, they made an instant decision that ended up saving five lives. Hear more about their remarkable story in the video below.

Encourage Your Community  |  04.09.13

In honor of Donate Life Month, organ donation centers across the nation are stepping it up to spread the word.   As part of their amped-up efforts, Lifeline of Ohio is asking for your help.   Submit a letter to the editor of your local paper about why donation is important to you.  As with the letter […]

Friday Factoid: The most informative one yet!  |  04.05.13

Friday Factoid: It’s rare that a single infographic sums up just about every Friday Factoid in history, but this week’s does!  In honor of Donate Life Month, Donor Alliance made an amazing infographic featuring facts and numbers on donation.    Check it out here! Happy Friday!

Thinking About Becoming an Organ Donor  |  04.03.13

Donate Life Month is in full swing, and major news outlets across the nation are focusing on the cause.  In this great story, FOX News steps us through the process of becoming a donor.

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