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Friday Factoid: Is the Gap Getting Smaller?  |  03.29.13

Friday Factoid: Is the gap between those waiting for organs and the amount of actual donors closing or widening?  Take a look at the chart below for the answer. Happy Friday!

A Life or Death Question  |  03.27.13

Though for some it’s just a simple question, for others it is life and death.  In an effort to increase donation awareness, DMVs across the nation are asking those renewing or attaining their license if they would like to be an organ donor.  In this article, a family personally touched by donation discusses what that […]

Friday Factoid: Consider Yourself Informed!  |  03.22.13

Friday Factoid: According to research, 98 percent of all adults have heard about organ donation, but only 86 percent  have heard of tissue donation.  Happy Friday!!

Teacher Saves Student Through Donation  |  03.21.13

Donors are heroes, and, occasion, when donations from the deceased are unavailable, a living donor steps up to provide a life-saving organ for a person in need. In this case, a teacher stepped up to save her student.  Read the full story here.

Friday Factoid: What Does the Pope Say about Donation?  |  03.15.13

In light of all the recent news about the Catholic Church and the Pope, we are dedicating this week’s Friday Factoid to how the Catholic Church feels about organ and tissue donation. Friday Factoid: When speaking on matters of the church, Catholics believe the Pope is infallible.   Therefore, when Pope John Paul II said the […]

You Can Cure Diabetes  |  03.13.13

At Allograft Possibilities, we often talk about all the amazing benefits of donation. From tissue to organs, you can save a life, improve another’s quality of life, restore sight to the blind and now even cure diabetes.    In this article, individuals suffering from type 1 Diabetes since childhood were cured after a pancreas transplant. Feeling […]

Saving and Enhancing Lives Through a Simple Question  |  03.05.13

Just two years ago, Texas had the nation’s lowest percentage of registered organ and tissue donors in the United States. Today, Donate Life Texas is the fastest growing organ and tissue donor registry in the nation. Find out how Texas turned the tides and became an example for states everywhere by clicking on the video […]

Friday Factoid!  |  03.01.13

Friday Factoid: Tissue donors can donate regardless of age or cause of death.  Many tissue donors are, in fact, over 80 years old.  Happy Friday!

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