The many ways to donate  |  February 26, 2013

When thinking about donation, more often than not the mind goes directly to organs.  Becoming an organ donor is a giving and selfless act.  Yet, because of the strict requirements for organ donation, some fear they will not have the opportunity to save or enhance another’s life after their own death.

 However, there are many types of donation. For instance, your eyes could provide sight to the blind.  Your bones could allow a cancer patient to avoid amputation.   Those who have received the gift of eye and tissue transplantation often feel, in a less direct way than organ donation, that their donors saved their lives.

 In this article, organ, eye and tissue donation are all addressed.  Though organ donation will always be crucial, it’s important to note that other forms of donation can also save and enhance lives.  All forms of donation should be recognized as the truly heroic gift they are.

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