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Historic transplant participants meet for the first time  |  01.29.13

In what became the largest kidney donation chain to take place in Iowa, 10 operations gave five people the gift of life.  Most notably, each kidney was donated by a complete stranger.  In the video below, the donors and recipients meet up for the first time after the surgeries.

Friday Factoid  |  01.25.13

Friday Factoid: We know it has been said, but it really cannot be talked about enough. At this moment, more than 105,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for a live-saving or life-enhancing transplant. Four thousand more people are added to the national waiting list each day. Sign up to be an organ and tissue […]

Shout Out to Vermont!  |  01.23.13

At Allograftpossibilities, we like to give credit to those making a difference in the donation industry.  Today, the state of Vermont released statistics showing a 700 percent increase in donor registrants compared to this time last year.  Way to go Vermont! Read more about their success here.

Friday Factoid:  |  01.18.13

Friday Factoid: Your life is valued first. If you are taken to the hospital after an accident or injury, it is the hospital’s first priority to save you.  Only after each and every effort has been made to save your life and death has been declared is it even addressed that you are a donor. […]

Boy Receives Gift of Sight From Father  |  01.15.13

Tom Bestwick was devastated when his father died in a motorcycle accident last summer.  Yet, as the family grieved over their loss, an unexpected and miraculous gift from Tom’s father came after his death.  This gift would ultimately restore sight to Tom, who had been legally blind since childhood.  Read more here.        […]

Friday Factoid:  |  01.11.13

Friday Factoid: Putting in your will that you would like to be an organ and tissue donor does not mean you will be a donor.  By the time your will is read, it will be too late for donation.  Make sure you talk to your loved ones about your wishes. Happy Friday!

D.C. Council Member Seeks Tax Break for Organ and Tissue Donors  |  01.09.13

After receiving a kidney transplant in 2009, Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) is on a mission to increase the number of donors in the U.S.  The proposed legislation is to help cover medical and other expenses often associated with organ and tissue donation. Read the details about the bill here.

Friday Factoid:  |  01.04.13

Friday Factoid: Being rich or famous does not move you to the top of a transplant list. Ever. The organization responsible for maintaining the national organ transplant network subjects all celebrity transplants to an internal audit to make sure the organ allocation was appropriate. Happy Friday!

Float Rider Talks About the Gift of Tissue Donation  |  01.02.13

When Joe Gutierrez was diagnosed with a progressive tumor in his shoulder, it was hard to see a potential positive outcome.  Yet, one year later, Joe is faced with new and exciting opportunities he never thought possible.  Today, more than anything, Joe is thankful.  Hear Joe tell his story in his own words below.

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