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Celebrate the Gift of Life This New Year by Tuning In  |  12.27.12

Allograft Possibilities has been providing sneak peeks of what you can expect from this year’s Donate Life float at the Rose Parade for a couple months now.  Well, the Rose Parade is just days away, so before you tune in Tuesday morning, refresh your memory by checking out one lucky float rider’s story here.  While you’re […]

Friday Factoid:  |  12.21.12

 In October, we posted a Friday Factoid saying that donor skin is often used to save the lives of burn victims.  Well, we’re bringing that fact back and, this time, showing you THIS amazing video of a young boy whose life was saved, in part, because of donor skin.  Happy Friday and happy holidays!!

A Medical Miracle  |  12.20.12

In what is being called a medical miracle, doctors at Emory University Hospital in Georgia performed a triple organ transplant on a beloved wife and mother.  Click here to watch her amazing story.

Thanking Your Donor Family  |  12.18.12

Writing a thank you letter to your donor family can be an intimidating task.  This can be especially true for tissue recipients. In this piece published in the New York Times, author and ACL recipient, Hanna Schank, explores her emotions and thoughts as she sits to write a thank you letter to her donor’s family. […]

Friday Factoid: Friday Fun Addition!  |  12.14.12

Friday Fun: So this isn’t technically a factoid, but we thought it was so much fun that it needed to be posted on a Friday. Follow this link, scroll over the interactive figure and find out what each part of the body is used for when donated. You’ll learn a lot of “factoids,” and even have […]

“Twenty-something” feels young again after spinal allograft  |  12.13.12

At the age when everyone starts enjoying their independence and staying out late, a 21-year-old  Kelsi was debilitated by pain. “I never understood why I was in so much pain, and attributed it to my line of work. I can’t tell you how many concerts I had to leave early, nights I had to stay […]

Making a Difference With A Mullet  |  12.11.12

Earlier this year, Allograft Possibilities posted a hilarious video of donation enthusiast, Guy Vroom, dancing in the streets of Colorado with his famous mullet fully intact. Well, it seems that Mr. Vroom impacted more than our smiles; he made a difference in the number of those who opted to become organ, eye and tissue donors. […]

Friday Factoid!  |  12.07.12

 Friday Factoid: By law, all organ recovery organizations are required to be nonprofits!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Controversial Organ Donation Legislation: What are your thoughts?  |  12.06.12

A newly-proposed organ donation law in the United Kingdom has some worried, and others excited. The new bill essentially states that if you did not make your intentions known before your time of death, it will be assumed that you are an organ donor. Doctors will honor the wishes of those not wanting to be […]

Advertising for a kidney?  |  12.04.12

When you think about the many billboards you see as you drive along the road, rarely would one literally asking for a kidney come to mind. Yet, that’s exactly what this family thought to do in order to save their friend, wife and mother’s life. See their story in the video below:

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