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The Beginning of Transplantation  |  11.28.12

With all the tremendous success we now see with organ, eye and tissue transplants, have you ever stopped to wonder who was behind it all? Who came up with the idea of transplantation? How did they practice? How did they learn to control our immune system’s response? Well, here’s your chance to have those questions […]

A Trail of Thanks  |  11.26.12

When their daughter was born with a heart condition, the Stevens family anticipated years of worry and hardship. After numerous surgeries, their daughter’s situation grew desperate when she was just 10 years old.  She spent the following months in the hospital waiting for a new heart. In order to clear their minds, the Stevens parents […]

Friday Factoid:  |  11.16.12

Friday Factoid: Did you know there is no cost to you or your family be a donor?    

Previously Blind Photographers Thank Donors Through Pictures  |  11.14.12

To honor organ, eye and tissue donors, The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is exhibiting photos taken by once blind photographers.  The cornea transplant recipients were asked to take pictures of what they are most grateful to see after the surgery.  In what has been named the Circle of Light Photo Project, the Eye Bank […]

Friday Factoid:  |  11.09.12

Friday Factoid: Saying you want to be an organ and tissue donor on your license may not satisfy your state’s requirements to become a donor. Always make sure your family knows your wishes! Happy Friday!

Seven Amazing Face Transplants  |  11.07.12

What medicine is capable of these days is truly astounding. These seven stories will remind you just how much donation can do.

Friday Factoid:  |  11.02.12

Did you know that nearly every major religion endorses organ and tissue donation and sites it is a noble act?  

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