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Donor Alliance Wins Three Gold Leaf Awards  |  10.30.12

Congratulations to Donor Alliance!  Once again, the good work they do has been honored by not one, not two, but three Gold Lead Awards.  Read details about their wins here.

Bone Recipient Heads to Rose Parade  |  10.26.12

Salmon fishing in Alaska, traveling throughout the country and even sky diving are all activities enjoyed today by Joe.  When Joe talks about his active life, it’s hard to tell that less than a year ago, he was at risk of losing his arm. “I was helping friends with yard work in Arizona when I […]

Donor Mom Shares Her Son’s Story  |  10.25.12

  Jon’s family knew his kind spirit and full heart well.   When he was just 24 however, Jon was in a fatal car accident.  While facing an incredibly dark time, Jon’s family learned even more about his character. His kind heart had led to him to serve others, even in death through choosing to be […]

Breast Cancer Survivor’s Recipient Story  |  10.24.12

In keeping with the theme of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here’s a great story from Lifeline of Ohio about a breast cancer survivor opting to use donor tissue in her reconstructive surgery.  Enjoy here!

Friday Factoid:  |  10.19.12

Friday Factoid: This Friday factoid is in honor of breast cancer awareness month!  Did you know that donated tissue can be used to help reconstruct a woman’s breast tissue after undergoing surgery for breast cancer? It’s just one of the many great things donated tissue can do.

California Will Now Include Organ and Tissue Donation in Schools  |  10.16.12

California governor, Jerry Brown, signed Assembly Bill 1967 making organ and tissue donation a regular part of health and science courses in California’s public schools.  Proponents of the bill say they hope this helps young people make an informed decision about organ and tissue donation.  See the full story here.

Friday Factoid!  |  10.12.12

Did you know that donated skin saves the lives of burn victims and victims of other life-threatening skin conditions? Happy Friday!

Congratulations are In Order!  |  10.11.12

Congratulations to all those who were honored by the American Association of Tissue Banks.  Your contributions to honoring the gift of donation are appreciated by your industry, recipients and donor families.  See the list of winners below! Congratulations 2012 AATB Award Winners  At the 2012 AATB Annual Meeting in Keystone, CO, the AATB recognized the […]

Michigan Wins National Award for Organ Donor Registrations!  |  10.09.12

As the country fights to increase awareness about organ and tissue donation, Michigan has worked hard to do their part. It’s paid off in a 25 percent increase in organ and tissue donors in their state!  See how they did it, take some notes and read the full story here.

Congrats to Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs!  |  10.03.12

  Memorial Hospital facilitated the most tissue donations of any hospital in Colorado last year, earning recognition for this life-saving work from the Colorado Hospital Association and Donor Alliance. Memorial was recognized for its “outstanding efforts in promoting organ and tissue donation in Colorado.’’ Donor Alliance’s COO Jennifer Prinz and CHA President and CEO Steven […]

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