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A Chance Meeting Helps Both Donor and Recipient Heal  |  03.29.12

After losing her 17-year-old son to spina bifida, Gail Bowden was determined to keep his memory alive.  Because his favorite color was yellow, Gail decided she would hire someone to help paint her walls the happy color that reminded her of her son.  When the painter arrived, she soon realized that this was not just about paint, […]

How Recipients Thank Their Donors  |  03.26.12

Recipients of life-saving and life-enhancing organ and tissue donations often find themselves wondering how they can honor the life of their donor.  In this article, three recipients share how they choose to honor the gift of life in all they do.  Read more here.

Dad finds comfort in son’s donation  |  03.16.12

After losing his son in a robbery gone wrong, Reg Green and his wife made the decision to donate their son’s tissue and organs.  In the years to come, Green would find peace in knowing just how many lives his son impacted. Read this story of hope when facing loss here.

What you should know about tissue and organ donation  |  03.15.12

The National Kidney Foundation printed these 25 great facts about organ and tissue donation. Take a look and have your donation questions answered here.

Texas teen receives the gift of life, times two!  |  03.13.12

After living with cystic fibrosis for seventeen years, Tyler Nelson’s young body needed not one, but two new organs in order to survive.  On February 29th, after waiting sixteen months, Nelson received the gift of life in the form a liver and and a pair of lungs.  Get to know Tyler and his story in […]

Coach Cheers Again After Tissue Transplant  |  03.09.12

As a cheerleading coach and life-long athlete, Barbara Richards was accustomed to falls and strains.  Over the years however, those falls and strains caused serious damage to Richards’ knees. “In the fall of 2009, I began having pain and swelling in my right knee,” said Richards. “By January 2010, I was unable to ski or […]

St. Louis hosts donation drive in honor of fallen U.S. Marshall  |  03.08.12

U.S. Marshall John Perry was shot and killed in the line of duty while serving his community. After his death, Perry continued to serve his community by saving and enhancing over 100 lives through organ and tissue donation. See the following video to hear about his legacy in life and in death.

Michigan Makes the news with donation milestone  |  03.07.12

Go Michigan!  In February alone Michigan had nearly 41,000 residents sign up to be donors.  Michigan is already 77 percent ahead of last year at this time, and it’s only March.  See how they’ve expanded their outreach efforts here.

A Brother Helps His Sister Heal, Four Years After His Death  |  03.05.12

After losing her 17-year-old brother in a car accident, Caitlyn Persinger threw herself into sports.  Her brother had always encouraged and pushed her to be the best.  She was a gifted athlete and, as a freshman, made the varsity soccer team. Four years after her brother’s death, Caitlyn continued to be active in sports.  While playing soccer […]

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