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One man’s life ends as another man’s life is renewed  |  02.27.12

After losing his step father in a tragic fall, Brandon Witt and his mom made the split-second decision to donate his tissue. That decision, made in the midst of tragedy, led to a life-long friendship  between Brandon and the young ballplayer who received his step father’s tissue.  Hear their stories and watch their first in-person […]

Thank you to Donor Families  |  02.14.12

National Donor Day is set aside to increase donor awareness and honor those who have already donated. Yet, in the midst of a tragic situation, it is the donor’s family that has to make the hard decisions.  Those whose lives are saved or enhanced by that decision are often inspired and touched by the families […]

Showing Love On National Donor Day  |  02.13.12

February 14th is all about love. Not only is it Valentine’s Day, but it’s also National Donor Day.  So while you’re remembering to show love for those closest to you, show love to your community by becoming an organ and tissue donor. In the past, Allograft Possibilities has honored donors by telling their stories.  National […]

Arizona reaches record high tissue and organ donations  |  02.08.12

Arizona tissue donors number in the thousands as the state reports record donation highs. The Donor Network of Arizona says 477 lives were saved in 2011 through organ donation while tissue donations restored mobility and sight to thousands. Arizona stands as a great example of the lives that can be saved and enhanced through active and informed […]

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