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Colorado woman returns to outdoor passions following bone graft transplant  |  11.29.11

At 77 years old, Jane describes herself as “happily active.” A Colorado resident, she finds pleasure in camping, snowshoeing and walking in the mountains and the desert with her husband.  However, a fall from a ladder and subsequent broken leg threatened her active lifestyle. The fall resulted in a broken tibia, or shin bone. Doctors recommended […]

Why we are thankful  |  11.23.11

As Thanksgiving approaches, please pause with us to give thanks for the selfless tissue donors and their brave families who make the choice to give the gift of life. Each year, life-saving and life-enhancing tissue is provided by approximately 30,000 tissue donors. Just one tissue donor can enhance the lives of more than 50 people. […]

National Donor Sabbath is this weekend  |  11.11.11

National Donor Sabbath is a time for faith leaders of all denominations across America to alert their communities to the pressing need for organ and tissue donations to save lives. It takes place two weekends before Thanksgiving each year, making it November 11-13 this year. Most major religions practiced in the United States have stated positions on the subject […]

Skin recipient from Dancing with the Stars motivates burn victims  |  11.04.11

We are excited to see army veteran and burn survivor-turned actor J.R. Martinez bravely putting a public face to the topic of burn treatment, via his starring role on Dancing with the Stars this season. The story of this skin recipient is a great source of hope for other burn survivors around the country struggling […]

Today Show: He thanks family for organs that saved his life  |  11.04.11

We love seeing the stories promoting donation in national media outlets! Watch this story from this morning’s Today show. It tells the story of a rare heart, liver and kidney recipient, who today met the family of his donor for the first time. Powerful. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the […]

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