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Vote for AllograftPossibilities!  |  09.29.11

We are pleased to announce that has been nominated for the  Members Choice Award in the American Association of Tissue Banks’ Communications Advertising & Marketing Awards. We need your support! Please take just a moment to cast a vote for AllograftPossibilities. Click here.  AllograftPossibilities is already a winner in the Marketing and Budget categories. Thank you […]

ACL transplant returns Montana woman to managing county fair, creating joy for community  |  09.23.11

Connie Hilger eagerly anticipated her adult son’s visit home for Christmas in 2009. During his visit, he teamed up with his former classic rock band for a reunion show at a local pub. Connie’s family, as well as the family of another band member, were excited to be together for the holidays and were enjoying […]

TNT’s “Leverage” highlights need for donors  |  09.23.11

Courtesy of Lifeline of Ohio: TNT’s “Leverage” is one of the few shows my husband and I watch together. The series is about a group of former thieves, hackers and the like who left their sordid pasts behind and now work for the greater good. I was excited to settle into the couch recently to catch up on […]

Greater need for minority donors  |  09.16.11

This Chicago Defender article sheds light on the important issue of increasing organ and tissue donation awareness amongst minorities. In the story, Cook County Commissioner Robert Steele, an African American, shares his own story of receiving a living liver transplant from his sister. After battling diabetes for more than three decades, the transplant gave Steele […]

VIDEO: Teenagers talk about organ and tissue donation  |  09.14.11

Check out this important video from Upstate New York Transplant Services for teens, about making the choice to be organ and tissue donors. In this video, teens discuss the facts and myths often held about donation, and we hear some testimonials from organ and tissue recipients.

Engineered muscle tissue for transplantation  |  09.07.11

New research in tissue engineering has pioneered a method for growing muscle. This is fascinating and holds the promise of new possibilities in tissue transplantation. For example, down the road this lab-grown muscle could be implanted into patients in need who have lost their own muscle due to disease or injury. Read more about this […]

Book: 100+  |  09.02.11

The Wall Street Journal recently reviewed Sonia Arrison’s 100 Plus, which examines how modern medicine will “radically increase not just our life spans but also, and more importantly, our health spans.” Sounds like a fascinating read; check out what the WSJ said regarding advances in tissue engineering specifically: “Consider tissue engineering, in which human organs, grown […]

Do donor families have to pay for loved ones’ organ and tissue recovery?  |  09.01.11

The answer is a resounding NO! A reader recently wrote into the San Antonio Express-News to ask this question. She had “heard of families losing a loved one, being pressured to donate the deceased’s organs, then being charged for organ removal.” In the newspaper’s response, they quote the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance: “It does not cost anything […]

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