Tissue donation still lesser understood than organ donation  |  April 1, 2011

This article from the McCook Daily Gazette includes an important statistic:

98 percent of all adults have heard about organ donation and 86 percent have heard of tissue donation

While the number of adults who have heard of tissue donation is definitely climbing, it still lags behind awareness of organ donation. The uses for donated tissue are a bit more complicated than they are for organs, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that they have the same life-saving and enhancing benefits.

This tissue, referred to as allograft tissue, is donated by registered donors and their families, in the same way organs are donated, and it is used in many  medical procedures already, with numerous new opportunities on the horizon.

Donated human tissue is used in many surgical applications, saving peoples’ lives and limbs daily. Allograft tissue is used to replace damaged structures in the body, from the ligaments and tendons of major league sports players, bones and joints of military men and women, to the musculoskeletal structures, teeth, skin, and spinal components of average citizens.

Here at AllograftPossibilities we strive to increase awarness of tissue donation and transplant. Have a question? We’d be happy to answer it!

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