Letter from the CEO  |  October 19, 2010

I am proud to announce that this month AlloSource was named Colorado’s top healthcare company as judged by the local business magazine ColoradoBiz. That said I know that this honor is not ours alone, but rather speaks to the overall impact of tissue donation and transplantation.

We share this distinction with a handful of important partners:

  • The donors and donor families who make the powerful decision to give the gift of life, and make everything that we do possible. We continue to make it a top priority to honor their gifts with integrity and humanity, and share the important stories of the tissue recipients whose lives they save or enhance.
  • Our organ procurement organization partners who work diligently to promote the cause of tissue donation. Thanks to their efforts, donor consent for tissue donation has increased by nearly 30 percent among this group – a staggering result!
  • All the medical professionals who bring the gift of life full circle by treating patients with our allografts, delivering amazing results. We are proud to continue our work with a number of surgeons around the country to advance the possibilities of tissue transplantation with the testing of new allografts.

Thank you for your contributions to the miraculous process of tissue donation and transplantation.

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