2010 AATB Annual Meeting  |  October 18, 2010

I recently attended the 34th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Tissue Banks in National Harbor, Maryland.  The annual meeting is a chance for the accredited tissue bank community to get together to continue efforts to improve tissue banking standards, present science and  honor tissue donation.  Many interesting topics are covered every year and this year was no different.

This year some of the areas of microbiological focus included:

Scientific update on AATB study of Trypanosoma cruzi (parasite that causes Chagas disease): This project is a collaboration between the AATB and the CDC and is aimed at getting a better understanding of the survivability of the parasite within procured tissues.

Pre-process bioburden testing: This presentation by MTF revolved around a new standard proposal that may give tissue banks additional options in how to culture tissue prior to processing.

Risk factor analysis of bacterial contamination for osteoarticular allografts: This presentation focused on a study run at Colorado State University that analyzed the risk factors associated with increased incidence of contamination as functions of various procurement conditions.

Skin allograft culturing: This forum presented options to tissue banks in how to mitigate stasis issues encountered when trying to culture allograft skin.  

Other speaking highlights  included Dr. Howard Koh (U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health) and Dr. Marc Kirkland (Associate Professor, University of Melbourne, Geelong).

It was also an honor to see Dr. Simon Bogdansky receive the George W. Hyatt Memorial Award for recognized service to tissue banking.  Simon recently retired following a decade long run in charge of the Research and Development department at AlloSource.  Congratulations, Simon!

-Jan Zajdowicz, AlloSource Senior Research Associate          

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