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Tissue donation just as important as organ donation  |  09.24.10

We are so pleased to see media coverage of tissue transplantation, because it can have life-saving and life-enhancing benefits just like organ transplantation. However, tissue donation is still lesser understood. Kudos to the Lubbock FOX network for shedding light on this issue, noting “a tissue donor has the ability to help a burn victim or […]

Students for Organ Donation  |  09.17.10

We are thrilled to see that students across the country are joining the cause of organ and tissue donation and donor registration through the Students for Organ Donation organization. Here in Colorado two universities (University of Colorado and Colorade State University) have made the quest to register donors a friendly competition – what a great activity! Check […]

Quadruple amputee allograft recipient goes skydiving  |  09.08.10

Check out this amazing video of our friend Manuel Salazar skydiving. Manuel is a brave quarduple amputee who received an AlloSource bone graft as part of a surgery that built him a new shoulder. With this shoulder Manuel is able to support a prosthetic and do basic tasks such as feeding himself and brushing his teeth – […]

Oklahoma man receives double hand transplant  |  09.03.10

Check out this amazing story of an Oklahoma chiropractor, Dr. Richard Edwards, who was last week the recipient of a double hand transplant. Six hand surgeons took more than 20 hours to complete the surgery, and Edwards is now recovering. Edwards lost his hands in a truck accident more than 4 years ago. Since then […]

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