Letter from the CEO  |  August 11, 2010

Summer inspires renewal of mission, and commitment to the future at AlloSource

The last several months marked a period of invigorating collaboration with other tissue and donor organizations and served as yet another reminder to me and my AlloSource colleagues about the importance of remaining committed to our mission.

In June, we attended the annual Association of Organ Procurement Organizations meeting in Baltimore where we heard stirring news from some of the leading organizations in our industry, many of whom are doing exciting work to advance tissue transplantation for future generations. We were proud to speak with these peers about the research and development going on here at AlloSource, and our commitment to improving the possibilities of tissue transplant.

In July, we were energized at our AlloSource Donor Authorization Summit, which brought together organ and tissue procurement agencies from around the country to share best practices. This year’s focus was on celebrating the gift of donation, and the group also discussed methods for continuing to improve consent rates and scientific breakthroughs, including the usage of stem cell products.

We rounded out July with the always celebratory and moving Donor Dash – coordinated by Denver’s Donor Alliance in its 18th year.  The 5K run/walk honoring organ and tissue donors and recipients was a cheerful event, but also a powerful reminder of the impact we and the entire donation industry have on lives around the country.

I am always reminded that AlloSource is built upon an unwavering commitment to our mission: Honoring the gift of donation, AlloSource responsibly develops, processes and distributes life-saving and life-enhancing human tissue for our communities. Our jobs, regardless of what you do, transcend the day-in, day-out work that we do each day at AlloSource; we are part of a larger cause to help people in need an honor brave donors who make the ultimate gift. I know that my colleagues at AlloSource and the entire organ and tissue industry are as conscious of this duty as I am.

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