AlloSource perspective on use of amniotic membrane to repair human articular cartilage  |  July 26, 2010

I found this article very interesting and intriguing as it relates to the repair of articular cartilage utilizing amnion tissue, the membrane that encases the placenta.  As the article conveys, it is a versatile tissue that has the potential to serve as a solution to the challenges of healing wounds and other soft tissue ailments.  What is also great is that it makes use of the placenta following c-section births, when it would otherwise be discarded.  Most recently, several companies have begun manufacturing and distributing amnion to assist surgeons with procedures involving neurology, spine and orthopedics.  I look forward to providing the medical community with new ways to use amnion.  Check out the article I read to learn more about how amnion tissue could be used in the future. 
– Tom Carter, Product Manager

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