2010 Donor Authorization Summit  |  July 21, 2010

I recently participated in the 2010 Donor Authorization Summit – a great event bringing together Organ and Tissue Procurement Organizations throughout the country to share best practices and identify solutions to industry challenges.  The annual meeting, organized by the AlloSource Tissue Improvement Collaborative Members, focused on tissue and celebrated each participant’s commitment to honoring the gift of donation. This year’s day long event highlighted the:

–          Current issues in tissue availability

–          Scientific accomplishments including the use of stem cell products, such as AlloStem

–          Tissue recovery strategies that are garnering higher consent rates

–          The opportunities with first person consent

–          Best practices in referral response

–          Organ to tissue conversion practices

–          Increasing out of hospital donation consent

Meetings, such as this one, are essential to moving the donation industry forward.  Thanks to everyone who participated in 2010’s AlloSource Donor Collaborative on tissue. 

-Colleen Kilkenny, Marketing Communications Specialist

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