Help for Haiti  |  February 9, 2010

When helping was critical, the AlloSource team sprang into action.

AlloSource is one of the largest suppliers of allograft skin for burns in the nation. Burn skin is central to our mission and helps us play a part in saving people’s lives each and every day.

We service major medical centers in our core communities as well as in other communities across the nation and AlloSource is first to get the call when a crisis event happens. On January 26 we got the call again.

U.S. Air Force C-130 airplanes landed in Tampa, Florida last week with severely burned survivors of the Haitian earthquake inside. The patients were immediately transferred to Tampa General Hospital, one of our large allograft burn skin customers. The procurement coordinator at Tampa General was looking for all the skin that we could provide them to cope with their immediate and future needs. Tampa has implemented their disaster plan for burns and is now working around the clock on surgeries in the burn center.

Immediately the AlloSource team sprang into action releasing 55 square feet of skin. The medical records team, PC and quality worked to clear multiple donors which allowed us to have two major shipments to Tampa general on Wednesday and Thursday to help them through their weekend surgeries. Customer service and distribution did incredible work picking the orders and getting them to Tampa in a timely manner. Operations is looking at their capabilities and is ramping up to be able to process the additional donors that we hope to receive. Medical records, PC and quality are looking at system changes to be able to release skin ahead of the rest of the donor. We are also exploring the ability to release skin under an “emergent need” basis, much like we release fresh skin or cartilage. In short, the AlloSource team once again put our mission into action doing everything we could for people in dire need.

None of this could have been possible without our OPO partners jumping on board as well. Thank you for your immediate response to this crisis. It has saved lives. We will continue to call on you to help us with the situation as it progresses. For the next 30-60 days please send all shipments of split thickness burn skin to AlloSource to continue to help with this humanitarian crisis.

AlloSource and our committed OPO members met our mission objectives we were able to positively help some of the victims of this terrible crisis. We continue to stay very close to the people at Tampa General regarding their allograft skin needs and remain ready to assist them in any way possible. We will keep you posted on the situation.

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