Introducing: AlloStem Stem Cell Bone Growth Substitute  |  December 7, 2009

AlloSource is the world’s largest processor of fresh cartilage, skin allografts and live cellular bone growth substitutes, including adult stem cell grafts. Most of the public is not aware that adult stem cells can be recovered and transplanted without controversy from adult human organ and tissue donors.

AlloStem Stem Cell Bone Growth Substitute, an adult human stem cell bone graft, is recovered from adult human adipose tissue and is processed and cryopreserved by AlloSource into a stem cell bone graft used by surgeons to promote bone growth and healing. Adipose tissue is a rich source of a wide variety of stem cells, and some laboratory studies indicate it is the human body’s primary source of stem cells.

Surgical patients are already benefiting greatly from these stem cell grafts in spinal fusions, and when used to repair bone fractures and breaks. More than 30,000 patients have received adult stem cell grafts.  AlloStem Stem Cell Bone Growth Substitute presents patients and hospitals unique benefits not only because of its scientific capabilities, but also because its cost is significantly lower than other bone grafting options currently in use.

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