AlloLabs News & Views 12.8.09  |  December 7, 2009

Simon BogdanskyIn this edition I want to share with you some exciting news regarding our accomplishments in developing and commercializing bone allografts containing adult mesenchymal stem cells.

A little more than a year ago we undertook the development of an adult stem cell technology platform with the goal of combining it with allografts to produce products with enhanced tissue regeneration capabilities.  We took a road less traveled with respect to the source of the cells.  Traditionally the focus has been on using bone marrow derived cells.  But limitations in quantity and recovery difficulties resulted in our choosing adipose tissue (fat in everyday parlance) as the source of cells.

Through an extraordinary cooperation between Donor Services, R&D, Project Management, Engineering and Operations, we were able to produce a portfolio of the most advanced cell-based bone allografts and will make them available to surgeons later this year. This is perhaps the most technically difficult project AlloSource has ever undertaken, requiring team members to step out of their traditional comfort zones as well as step up to the challenges of working on the cutting edge of innovation. In 2010 we will be exploring new applications for this abundant source of stem cells. 
While the team members are the direct beneficiaries of the learning and team-building experiences gained through working on this project, sharing those experiences with others will make us a better organization – one that is up to the challenges of advancing life-saving and life-enhancing solutions for the recipients of human cells and tissue.

Simon Bogdansky 
Vice President, R&D

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