CEO Letter  |  November 2, 2009

tom_cycyotaThe Times They are a Changin’
This rings true for me on a daily basis.  I use all kinds of alternative communication methods to stay in touch with friends and colleagues around the country instead of using a landline phone.  I can no longer keep up with remembering the names of all the children born to AlloSource employees in a given year.  And after raising three boys, my wife Cyndy and I are actually on the final countdown to being empty nesters.  Life is all about change!

Change is constant, and for those of us in the tissue donation and processing industry, the last 18 months have meant a wide scale re-tooling of how we do business. For the first time in my nine years at AlloSource, we have seen enough of a significant increase in available tissue donors that our supply actually outweighs the demand. This increase in donors is a strong testament to the work of our organ recovery agencies that help donor families in their time of need and encourage others to pass on their gifts.

However, any euphoria over an increase in available donors was short lived due to the slumping demand resultant of the economic slowdown. Many surgeries that utilize donated human tissue are down in frequency.  It’s a challenging time, but AlloSource continues to change with the times and has found innovative ways to adapt to this new environment while continuing to provide safe, quality allografts and superior service to meet your needs. 

Part of this adaptation includes the development of products that promote the regeneration of tissue. AlloSource is launching an innovative new allograft called AlloStem Stem Cell Bone Growth Substitute (just AlloStem for short) at the upcoming North American Spine Society (NASS) meeting; AlloStem contains adult human mesenchymal stem cells with musculoskeletal tissue that has gone through a demineralization process.  This will be the first product in a line of new introductions that will set the stage for the next era of tissue regeneration. It is safe to say that the next 10 years will be transformative when it comes to allograft surgery and we look forward to being on the cutting edge of making those miracles happen.

Other ways we’re changing with the times: We have undergone a wide-scale business improvement process over the last 18 months, which allows us to continue to deliver the highest quality allografts to you more quickly.  Additionally, AlloSource’s local sales representatives and a culture of high service have ensured high satisfaction levels with hospitals and surgeon users.

I don’t doubt that you’ve also seen your practice and role in healthcare changing amidst this shaky economy.  Nevertheless, we look forward to finding new ways to continue our partnership with you and save and enhance more lives together through the use of allograft tissue.

Tom Cycyota, Chief Executive Officer

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