Donate Life America Celebrates ECHO Observance July 10-23  |  July 11, 2016

The Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT) and Donate Life America (DLA) joined forces in 2015 to develop Donate Life ECHO, which stands for Every Community Has Opportunity. It is celebrated July 10 – 23, 2016, as a nationwide observance designed to reach multicultural communities.

The observance has two objectives: one is to focus on the power of sharing one’s personal decision to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor with members of one’s community; the second is to encourage registered donors to ask members of their personal networks and extended communities to talk about organ, eye and tissue donation and register as donors.

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Apple & Donate Life America Bring National Donor Registration to iPhone  |  July 6, 2016

donate_life for powerpointApple® and Donate Life America announced that for the first time ever, iPhone® users will be able to sign up to be an organ, eye and tissue donor right from the Health app with the release of iOS 10.

Through a simple sign up process, iPhone users can learn more and take action with just a few taps. All registrations submitted from iPhone are sent directly to the National Donate Life Registry managed by Donate Life America. The ability to quickly and easily become a nationally-registered donor enables people to carry their decision with them wherever they go.

Read more about this exciting partnership here.

Wedding Wish Comes True For Allograft Recipient  |  July 5, 2016

EllieLast year, Elizabeth (Ellie) Hahn Moore became an allograft recipient after being diagnosed with a condition called osteochondritis dissecans. This experience presented her with unique challenges and helped her become a stronger person.

Growing up, Ellie struggled with her weight. In 2014, she decided it was truly time to make a change in her life. Her journey began with Weight Watchers and running. Through the support of her then-boyfriend, Parker, her family, friends and co-workers, she tried to do something active each day.

She spent the next year increasing her activity through running and her new hobby, SCUBA diving. Ellie had to build strength and endurance in order to pass the diving certification. Pound by pound, the weight slipped off. She began to enjoy running and even started signing up for 5k runs. During all of this transformation, Parker proposed to her.

In April 2015, she woke up and fell on the floor from pain in her right leg. She spent the day icing it, figuring she probably hurt it working out the day before. The following day, there was no improvement and her knee swelled to twice its normal size. Not being able to even straighten her knee, she called off from work and immediately contacted her primary care provider.

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IndyCar Driver Stefan Wilson Raises Donation Awareness in Brother’s Honor  |  May 17, 2016

Stefan Wilson has teamed up with Indiana Donor Network to raise awareness for organ, eye and tissue donation through the #Driven2SaveLives campaign.

Stefan’s connection to donation is incredibly personal. His brother, IndyCar driver Justin Wilson, passed away in August 2015 from injuries sustained in a crash at Pocono Raceway. Justin had previously registered his decision to become a donor and discussed this with his wife. On the worst day of his family’s life, Justin gave them a beacon of hope through his final lifesaving act of donation and became a hero to five individuals who received his gift of life.

Read more about Stefan’s passion for donation here.

A Short Life With an Incredible Impact  |  May 3, 2016

proxyWhen Sarah and Ross Gray found out that one of their unborn twins had a terminal condition called anencephaly, they made a decision that would send them on an unexpected journey. The Grays donated Thomas’ organs and tissues to research and later got the unique opportunity to meet the researchers who honored his donation.

Sarah recently shared her story in a TedTalk and you can listen to her miraculous experience here.

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